Illustration courtesy of Peter Growney (2001) Pen and Ink drawing Raheen na Cluig church

Welcome to The Medieval Bray Project.

The project is a not-for-profit research initiative dedicated to the reconstruction of the medieval manor of Bray, Co. Wicklow during the period 1207 - 1542 AD. From feudal honor under the de Ridelesford family, to marcher manor on the borders between the Anglo-Norman Lordship of Ireland and Gaelic Ireland, the manor of Bray saw dramatic turns in fortune. The epic battle between the O'Bryne clan and the citizenry of Dublin aided by the Walshes of Carrickmines in 1401 AD, and the visit of King Edward IV in 1469 AD, and the are just some of the significant events that the manor witnessed during the study period.

Involvement in our research is open to all, so why not take the time to browse our website which includes ourwork to date and links to similar groups and research.

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